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Media skills

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Quick Overview

Media skills

7 March 2018

This is a bespoke Proactive PR and Media Workshop designed specifically for senior leaders, clinicians and key spokespeople for organisations.

For more information, please visit the event webpage.


Media skills 7 March 2018 This training will empower you with the media interview skills needed for a proactive approach to raising the profile of your organisation. We will also prepare you to handle more challenging interviews on serious issues and crisis situations. We will give you a structure and set of tools to conduct successful media relations in future. This course will be tailored, to individuals on the workshop and their particular specialities. This workshop will start with a good overview of the media, what makes news and what is newsworthy. Our emphasis will be on proactivity and being more news reactive helping you understand the potential news value within your organisation. The main part of the training is highly practical. You will take part in a series of realistic print, radio and TV interviews. The key to our course is Playback Analysis Technique. We show how to prepare, plan and take control of all types of media interviews. We record every interview and analyse them to highlight positive and negative aspects. A strong team-building element develops naturally through the workshop, as participants are encouraged to support each other during the training. The ultimate aim is to build confidence and ensure that participants feel comfortable and confident in all future dealings with the media. The workshop will cover: • How to spot a potential news story • How to be “news reactive” • How to raise the profile of your organisation • Media interviews – live, as live, studio and down the line • Identifying and developing your own key messages. • Handling success and crisis media interviews • How to spot and control a potential media crisis • Crisis and success, print and broadcast media interviews • Protecting and enhancing your reputation A DVD will be provided to each participant for practical media interviews they undertake during the training. A free phone rehearsal service will be offered for each participant in the future – should they need this at short notice before an important media interview.

Additional Information

Conference Date 7 March
Start Date 7 Mar 2018
End Date 7 Mar 2018
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