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NE Branch Bulletin No 2 Summer 2015

NE Branch Bulletin No 2 Summer 2015

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Quick Overview

The newsletter of the Society's North East Branch.




Message from the Chair
Julie Freeborn

Note from the Editors
Jake Empson & Anne Sheppard

Accessing free journal articles through the British Psychological Society
Julie Freeborn

Individual contributions

Understanding the challenges and coping behaviours of General Practitioners working in post-earthquake Canterbury
Sarb Johal, Zoe Mounsey, Robin Tuohy & David Johnston

Military veterans: Utilising the researcher's narrative to develop a PhD proposal
Brian Charlsworth

Relationship between identity and generativity of elderly Japanese people: Analysis of two cases; a male in his 80s and a female in her 70s
Yuko Takahama, Kotomi Kitamura, Takayuki Sasaki & Fumika Kimura

Is the 'trauma-film' paradigm really simulating intrusions in post-traumatic stress disorder?
Carolyn J. Choudhary

Workplace bullying in the NHS: Prevalence, impact and barriers to reporting
Madeline Carter, Neill Thompson, Paul Crampton, Gill Morrow, Bryan Burford, Christopher Gray & Jan Illing

We are what we see? The effect of the media on neurological activation
Kirstie Turner

The myths of Dyslexia
Julian Elliott

Reports from Conference and Meetings

'Psychology in the Pub'

Experimental Psychology Society Conference 2015
Anne Sheppard

From Huddersfield to Oslo - Pat Lindley on the Standard for Assessment Centres
Julie Freeborn

Update on Student Psychology Societies
Angela Wearn

Northumbria University Undergraduate Psychology Conference 2015
Angela Wearn


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