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OP Matters No 12 September 2011

OP Matters No 12 September 2011

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The newsletter, part of the Division of Occupational Psychology's Member Engagement Campaign, is a source of information about the Division, forthcoming events, and a forum for the sharing of best practice.




Chair's Column : Focussing on growth and talent as we look forward to a busy autumn for the Division and all our members
Hazel Stevenson

We must practice what we preach
Robert Goate

Lindsey Symes outlines her journey into Occupational Psychology

Teaching in a changing world
Ritsa Fotinatos-Ventouratos & Rosalind Searle

Careers Development Group Update: POP & DOP Conferences 2011
Angie Ingman

Occupational Pathways
Charting the career of Michael Reddy, founder and former chairman of the psychological services company  ICAS, who now has a new company, Human Potential Accounting.

Occupational perspectives. Rethinking thinking: Mental coaching on the trading floor
Abby Ranson

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