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OP Matters No 21 March 2014

OP Matters No 21 March 2014

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Quick Overview

Special issue: Conference special

The newsletter, part of the Division of Occupational Psychology's Member Engagement Campaign, is a source of information about the Division, forthcoming events, and a forum for the sharing of best practice.

This special issue includes reports and reviews from the 2014 DOP Conference in Brighton. 



Robert Goate

Letter from the Chair
Ian Bushnell

Letter from the Outgoing Chair
Almuth McDowall

Tribute to J. Richard Hackman - A giant of our profession
Pauline Willis & Ruth Wageman

Jonathan Cox & Katarzyna Cichomska

'Managing' work-life balance: A workshop for practitioners
Gail Kinman, Almuth McDowall, Christine Grant, Nicky Payne & Siobhan Wray

Media coverage from DOP 2014 Conference
Stephen McGlynn

Evidence-based practice in practice
Claudia Nuttgens & Rob Briner

The DOP Conference from a POP delegate's perspective
Lucy Gallagher

A steward's viewpoint
Shyam Mojaria

Conference raises money for local charity
Jim Taylor

Some not very evidence-based reflections on DOP 2014
Rob B. Briner

Were 8 Great? Doing more with less - An introduction to the new MSc curriculum
Almuth McDowell, Clive Fletcher & Georgina Wong

An undergraduate's view of DOP 2014

  • No 1 Hannah Davison
  • No 2 Charlotte Abbott

We have always been social constuctionists
William James

Fear Selecting, developing and assessing sports coaches: Making the case for personality assessment
Tom Bailey

Talent management and managing a continuing professional development session
Andrew Clements

New Voices
Introduced by Laura Neale

PsyPAG 2013 Conference: Experiences of an OP themed symposium
Laura Neale


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