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OP Matters No 22 June 2014

OP Matters No 22 June 2014

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Quick Overview

Special issue: Leadership Development Programme

The newsletter, part of the Division of Occupational Psychology's Member Engagement Campaign, is a source of information about the Division, forthcoming events, and a forum for the sharing of best practice.

This special issue features the Division's cutting-edge Leadership Development Programme, from its genesis to how it now prepares successive generations of leaders to progress the DOP in its professionalism and evolution as a member network and a profession. 




Chair's View
Ian Bushnell

Guest Editorial
Gene Johnson

Running the show
Roxane Gervais

The Leadership Development Programme

An update on the Independent Content Review of Stage 2
Almuth McDowall & Georgina Wong

Eight Areas Review: Horizon scan of current employers
Sonia Pawson, Stephen Hall, Andrew Smith & Louisa Tate

DOP Leadership Development Programme: Evaluation
Doyin Atewologun

A personal view of volunteering
Rosie Driver

Leadership Development Programme: 2014 cadre
Roxane Gervais

DOP Interactive Volunteer Manual
Kate Bonsall-Clarke

2014 Occupational Psychologist Awards - join the love-in
Carla Holden

Networking and Professional Development Working Group 1: Bolder and wiser
Angie Ingman

NPDWG 2: Trust - why does it matter?
Angie Ingman

Assessment and Development Centre Standards for review
Helen Baron

'Are we beige?' The emergent DOP membership view
Donna Willis, Claire Bruna & Tessa Maarschalkerweerd


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