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OP Matters No 25 March 2015

OP Matters No 25 March 2015

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Quick Overview

Special Conference issue: DOP 2015 Glasgow

Building on the success of previous conferences, the themes for DOP 2015 were Learning, Sharing and Impacting.

This issue includes reports and reviews from the conference, which featured world renowned keynote speakers and a high quality interactive programme including presentations, symposiums, bitesize sessions, workshops and more...




A Past Chair's retrospective
Ian Bushnell

Letter from the Chair
Roxane L. Gervais

Reflections by the Conference Co-Chairs
Michael Towl & Jonathan Cox

Na bi fada a tilleadh: A few words from DOP Scotland
Janet Fraser

Meet the Keynotes
Fiona Beddoes-Jones

Practitioner of the Year Award: Behaviour change and health improvement at Transport for London
Rachel Lewis & Emma Donaldson-Fielder

Conference Experiences

Media coverage of the Conference
Andrew Clements

DOP 2015 on Twitter
Stephen McGlynn

DOP 2015 - a crowd-sourced article!
Stephen McGlynn

Posters on parade
Katarzyna Cichomska

The design and delivery of Assessment Centres
Helen Baron

A workshop on developing work-life balance competence: the importance of context
Almuth McDowall, Gail Kinman & Christine Grant

The BPS Forensic Testing Qualifications
Roxane L. Gervais

DOP 2015 Conference: Your thoughts in print

The future of the Society? Get member-focused
Gene Johnson

Five Areas - Stage 2 Update: Where are we now and what is next?
Almuth McDowall & Georgina Wong

BPS Research Seminar Series 2015: Exploring the 'always on' culture
Christine Grant, Almuth McDowall & Gail Kinma

Professional status: Wherefore art thou...
William J. Fear

Additional Information