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OP Matters No 27 September 2015

OP Matters No 27 September 2015

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Quick Overview

A Division of Occupational Psychology publication examining issues in the occupational psychology community.



Robert Goate

Letter from the Chair
Roxane L. Gervais

Leadership development programme: A joint DOP and DCoP cadre 2015-16
Dr Renée Bleau

Identifying top talent - back to basics, it's not rocket science!
Doug Prior

EAWOP - the opportunities
Helen Baron

'Women with Power' report
Rosaline Searle

Continuing to build professional expertise
Parvin Begum

The Psychology of health and well-being working group - So far so good!
Carole Watling

Exploring careers in Occupational Psychology
Melissa Murray, Kathryn de Kort & Angela Carter

So, what careers are open to occupational psychology postgraduates?
Dr Luke Fletcher

Going Green Working Group - 2015 review
Kim Feldwicke, committee member

Work-life Balance Working Group
Gail Kinman and Almuth McDowall

The 'always on' culture: Implications for work-life boundary management over the lifespan
Gail Kinman, Almuth McDowall, Christine Grant and Cristina Quinones-Garcia

DOP Scotland Committee - Who are we and what are we doing?
Janet Fraser

New Voices

Charlotte Winter

Workplace frustration: A growing issue within organisations
Sophie Ward

Absenteeism: The causes, the moderators, and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)
John Barrat

The knowledge psychology problem in evidence-based practice
Verena Wöhler


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