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OP Matters No 28 December 2015

OP Matters No 28 December 2015

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Quick Overview

A Division of Occupational Psychology publication examining issues in the occupational psychology community.



Robert Goate

Letter from the Chair
Roxane L. Gervais

The decent organisation: How psychologists might help to create a climate of honesty and respect
Mary Brown

Trust in healthcare leaders underpins effective teamworking
Melanie George

Alliance for Organizational Psychology
Rosalind Searle

The perils of personality profiling
Geoff Trickey

But who will make the soup? 'Women at the Top' event, October 2015, University of Silesia, Poland
Rosalind Searle

Taking DOP to the BPS Wales Conference
Janet Fraser

Work-life balance? What about fathers?
Gail Kinman and Almuth McDowall

Interview with Alan Bourne
Almuth McDowall

Engage and change: Going Green Working Group event - Review
Kim Feldwicke

'Science into Practice' event
Linda O'Donnell

DOP - Scotland
Janet Fraser

Update from the Networking and Professional Development Working Group
Kate Firth and Craig Knight

Qualification in Occupational Psychology (QOP) Board
Angie Ingman

New Voices

Interview with Meg Ashcroft
Angie Ingman


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