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Promoting your professional practice (e-Learning)

Promoting your professional practice (e-Learning)

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Quick Overview

The recession has placed many practices under unprecendented pressure. It is driving some clients out of business, which in turn is hitting income. Many practices are cutting costs. This often starts with marketing, seen as an expense - understandably, as it is often not easy to see what your money produces. But marketing done properly is an investment, not an expense. You can see what you get for your money. This course provides practical marketing advice to enable learners to achieve maximum results for their efforts. The course looks at why marketing matters, why potential clients should choose you, the priorities for success, successful direct marketing and finally, developing the brief.

Promoting Your Professional Practice enables you to assess current marketing activities, and decide what other types of promotion will work best for your business, think about what aspects of business differentiates you from your competitors, target potential clients, and retain your existing clients, build and develop a targeted marketing database, and maximise return on investment.

For more information please click here to see the BPS Learning Centre webpage for this course.

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