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Promoting your work in the media

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Quick Overview

Promoting your work in the media

4 April 2018

Use different channels within the media to promote your research or expertise.

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Promoting your work in the media 4 April 2018 Engaging with the media can take you a long way outside of your comfort zone but, used correctly, it can be an incredibly effective way to get your research, thoughts or expertise out to a huge number of people and maximise the impact of your work. Rather than research or viewpoints sitting in a journal picking up the occasional citation, using different channels within the media (social media, online, print and broadcast) to spread your findings far and wide will ensure your work is picked up by stakeholders, other researchers and politicians so it can be used to make a real difference in policy. This session will help you identify your key messages, develop a positive social media presence, highlight effective ways to work with journalists and teach you how to give a written and broadcast interview. With the Research Excellence Framework (REF) looking at the impact of any work researchers can use the media to spread their findings far wider than a journal. Practitioners can make their name in their speciality and have clients come to them, reducing requirements for marketing. This session will cover three key areas: How to develop a positive social media presence, how to work with online and print journalists and how to conduct a radio or TV interview. By the end of the session you should feel more confident in working out your key messages, engaging with journalists and keen to get going on spreading your stories. To prepare participants for working with broadcast journalists a camera will be used on the day and the participants will be recorded taking part in an interview. The footage will be deleted after the session as it will be used purely to help participants reflect on how they are getting their messages across in the interview.

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Conference Date 4 April
Start Date 4 Apr 2018
End Date 4 Apr 2018
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