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PSIGE Newsletter 121 October 2012

PSIGE Newsletter 121 October 2012

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Quick Overview

PSIGE Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People. National Conference edition.




Letter from the Editor
Sophie Monaghan

Letter from the Chair
Cath Burley

Letter from the National Advisor for Older People, IAPT
Marie Claire Shankland

Introduction to the IAPT papers from the PSIGE Conference
Cath Burley

Older people and IAPT: Access and Inclusion: The challenge of increasing referral rates and lessons learned
Caroline Yates & Jo Hague

Workshop Review
Becci Dow

Systemic practice with older people: Collaboration, community and social movement
Mandy Clayton, Glenda Fredman, Eleanor Martin, Eleanor Anderson, Stefania Battistella, Sarah Johnson, Alison Milto & Penny Rapaport

Reflections on training staff in systemic approaches for everyday practice in memory services
Liz Curtis & Marion Dixon

'Your Story Matters': Narrative approaches in delivering life story training
Polly Kaiser

Reflections on the PSIGE Conference
Neil Carrigan, Olivia Ambler & Belinda Borries

Does music make the ward go round? The role of staff attitudes and burnout in the use of music for people with dementia
Emilia Papageorgiou

An audit of Memory Assessment Services through immediate feedback on service user experience
Ian Asquith & Reinhard Guss

Application of the Frankish Model of Emotional Development in the therapeutic holding of people with dementia: A pilot study
Liz Trubshaw

PSIGE National Committee 2011/2012

Geographical Group Convenors


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