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PSIGE Newsletter 122 January 2013

PSIGE Newsletter 122 January 2013

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.




Letter from the Editor
Sophie Monaghan

Letter from the Chair
Cath Burley

Links with the Division of Neuropsychology
Gail Scothern

Standardising process for shared formulation sessions - the development of the Formulation Strategies Score Sheet
Louisa Jackman, Mel Davies, Emily Thompson, Debbie Sells, Julie Young, Jeanette Shippen, Ian James & Susannah Thwaites

Why practitioners working in dementia should be thinking in narratives
Rosslyn Offord & Elizabeth Field

Cognitive stimulation therapy in community health, social and voluntary care settings
Charlotte Marriott & Caroline Sincock

Steps to success: Joint working between the NHS, local authority and community organisations
Suzannah Clark & Helen Hibberd

Suicide in older adults: Risk factors, interventions and clinical considerations.
Thomas Richardson

Discovering Marte Meo and Contact
Paul Whitby

High socio-economic status and conversion from mild cognitive impairment: A preliminary study
Anna V. Orchard, Syd Hiskey & Leanne Andrews

Barriers to older people participating in mental health focused clinical research (Part 1): A review
Syd Hiskey

Barriers to older people participating in mental health focused clinical research (Part 2): Solutions
Syd Hiskey

Ignorance is bliss? Ethics of withholding information
Oliver O'Mara

Piloting a 'Moving On' group in an Older People's Mental Health Service
Jacqueline Bryant & Madeline Naick

Is psychological therapy effective for older adults and how can we prove it? A discussion of the current literature
Annette Seul & Karen Barton

Doors and People: An exploration of validity in older people
Lucy S. Birch

Executive functioning and Alzheimer's disease: Patient and carer experience
Alison Campbell & Sandy McAfee

FPOP National Committee 2012-2013

Geographical Group Convenors


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