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PSIGE Newsletter 124 October 2013

PSIGE Newsletter 124 October 2013

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FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People




Letter from the Editor
Louisa Jackman

Letter from the Chair
Cath Burley

Working with older LGBT people
David Richards

The end of an unexpected career: What next for family carers of people with dementia?
Georgina Charlesworth

Working with patient's sexually related behaviour in light of the recent Stepped Care model
Gemma Murphy

That's Just Life: Older adult constructs of trauma
Syd Hiskey & Susan McPherson

Thoughts on an Alzheimer's Society research day
Caroline Williams

The impact of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy on perceptions of pleasure and enjoyable activity: A service evaluation
Chris Wilson, Claire Haddlesey & Amber Johal

Potential secondary benefits of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy - adjustment to dementia diagnosis
Will Pearson & Chris Wilson

Attitudinal change towards working with older adults: An evaluation of a training workshop for IAPT staff
Jane Meleady & Tom Patterson

GPs' perceptions of the barriers to referring older adult patients to mental health services in NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Rebecca Cathers & Fionnuala Edgar

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis investigation into service user and service provider views on dementia services
Ian Asquith

Making a positive contribution: Developing a Dementia Service Envoy position in East Kent
Ian Asquith, Reinhard Guss & Keith Oliver

The experiences of service users and their significant others in a rural memory clinic
Jennifer Dickenson, Jo Cheffey & Mark Harrison

Action research: A method for including people with dementia in the research process
Fiona Pipon-Young 

FPOP National Committee 2012-2013

Geographical Group Convenors


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