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Psychobiology Section Newsletter Winter 2012

Psychobiology Section Newsletter Winter  2012

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Quick Overview

Newsletter of the Psychobiology Section.




Richard Stephens

Committee News

Chair's Column
Philip Murphy

Sun, Sea, Shakes
Richard Stephens

Treasurer's Report
Anna Scarna

Minutes of the Psychobiology Section AGM 2012

Announcing the Salimetrics Europe Undergraduate Project Prize Winner 2012
Elisha Dutch, University of Portsmouth

Annual Scientific Meeting Report
Elishia Dutch, Project Prize Winner

Annual Scientific Meeting Report
Bernadette Robertson, PsyPAG Rep

Annual Scientific Meeting - The view from the twittersphere

Abstracts from the 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting

Summer Quiz Questions and Answers

The 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting

Contact the Committee

Mission Statement

Psychobiology Section Membership Application Form


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