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Psychological best practice in inpatient services for older people

Psychological best practice in inpatient services for older people

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Quick Overview

This guidance is intended for psychologists at any stage of their career who work in inpatient services. The emphasis is on services specifically dedicated to older people, in particular mental health and dementia services but the general principles are relevant to all-age and physical health services where these are providing services to older people. For the purpose of this document, the term 'older people' refers to people who use services that are designed specifically for older people or who use services to help them with clinical difficulties that are most commonly associated with ageing. By inpatient services we mean a place where someone is living (short or long-term) for assessment or treatment (not simply social/personal care) based on their mental health needs. This would exclude residential care although some of the principles will easily transfer.

The intention is to help psychologists think about how the core principles of psychological theory and practice apply in inpatient services and to provide a menu of ideas and things to try when the way forward seems opaque.



Executive summary


Chapter 1: The key psychological offer

Chapter 2: The patient journey

Chapter 3: Therapeutic engagement

Chapter 4: Psychological formulation

Chapter 5: Speaking the ward's language

Chapter 6: Culture change

Chapter 7: Psychological harm

Chapter 8: Tips from the coalface

Contributors and acknowledgements


Additional Information