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Psychology Teaching Review Vol 14 No 2 2008

Psychology Teaching Review Vol 14 No 2 2008

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Quick Overview

This themed issue raises related questions concerning the place of psychology in schools and colleges. What impact does it have on teaching undergraduates? Are pre-tertiary courses teaching the right skills and knowledge? To what extent do pre-tertiary courses in psychology prepare students for university psychology or give them useful qualifications? Should they be a prerequisite or are they a hindrance?





Section 1: Psychology in its place: Furthering the debate started by John Radford in PTR 14 (1)

Psychology for all: Whose psychology is it anyway?
Philip Banyard

Graduate Basis for Registration and its place within psychology
Katherine Cartmell

Studying psychology: The context of other disciplines
W.Ray Crozier & Neil Cooper

An employability perspective
Laura Dean

Psychology, biology and the market place
T.E. Dickins

The value of GBR and the employability of psychology graduates
Martin Hagger

Teaching for very long-term retention and better ways of thinking
David Hardman

Broadening the boundaries of psychology through community psychology
Carolyn Kagan

There's a place for us - and our graduates - in the workplace
Siobhan MacAndrew

A student's perspective
David Moore & Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler

Teaching psychology: The political context John Newland A coaching psychology perspective
Stephen Palmer

Psychology for all
Nash Popovic

The psychology degree in its place
Peter Reddy & Kim Rochelle

'By the end of the course all students should know. . . ': Setting coherent aims for the teaching of psychology in school, college and university
Martin Rowley

It is not what we teach but the way that we teach it
Annie Trapp

A place for everything, and everything in its place
John Radford

Section 2: Other Papers

Peer mentoring experiences of psychology students at the London Metropolitan University Writing Centre
Savita Bakhshi, Kathy Harrington & Peter O'Neill

International issues in education
Kai Ruggeri, Dra. Carmen Díaz, Karl Kelley, Ilona Papousek, Martin Dempster & Donncha Hanna

Experiences and expectations: The real reason nobody likes stats
Kai Druggeri, Martin Dempster, Donncha Hanna & Carol Cleary

The teaching of psychology on health professional courses
Dominic Upton & Hayley Mansell

Section 3: Abstracts - Recent studies in teaching and learning

James Hartley

Section 4: Book reviews


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