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Psychology Teaching Review Vol 20 No 2 Winter 2014

Psychology Teaching Review Vol 20 No 2 Winter 2014

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Quick Overview

Psychology Teaching Review encourages research on teaching and learning in psychology, to serve as a vehicle for the sharing of good practice, and to improve the teaching of psychology at all levels. It carries articles on any aspects of teaching and learning in psychology, particularly those with a strong theoretical underpinning. This issue is a Special Issue on Pedagogical action research.



Jacqui Taylor

Introduction to the Special Issue
Lin Norton

Pedagogical action research articles

The case for pedagogical action research in psychology learning and teaching
Lin Norton

To what extent is mathematical ability predictive of performance in a methodology and statistics course? Can an action research approach be used to understand the relevance of mathematical ability in psychology undergraduates?
Victoria J. Bourne

Teaching psychological research methods through a pragmatic and programmatic approach
Patrick Rosenkranz, Amy Fielden & Effy Tzemou

Clickers in the classroom: The use of student response systems in teaching psychology
Rosamond Watling, Richard Clarke & Christopher Rowell

Increasing interest in cognitive psychology using scenario-based assessment
Sophie Cormack

Aiming for outstanding: Action research from students of the MSc in the Teaching of Psychology
Fiona Lintern, Jamie Davies, Andrew McGinty & Jeannine Fisher

What expectations do sixth-form students have of their learning and their teachers and what expectations do teachers have of their students? Stage one of the action research cycle
Charmaine Deuker

Cross-age mentoring to support A-level pupils' transition into Higher Education and undergraduate students' employability
Alana I. James

The future of pedagogical action research in psychology
Sophie Cormack, Victoria Bourne, Charmaine Deuker, Lin Norton, Cathal O'Siochru & Rosamond Watling

Other articles

Student representations of psychology in the UK
Philip Banyard & Karen Duffy

How can iPad apps enrich postgraduate psychology research?
Natalia Kucirkova

Employability in the first degree: The role of work placements on students' perceptions of graduate employability
Lynsey Mahmood, Letitia Slabu, Georgina Randsley de Moura & Tim Hopthrow

Informing Scotland's mental health strategy from the classroom context
Dannette Marie, Brittany M. Christian, Joanne Lumsden & Lynden K. Miles

A Double Take: The practical and ethical dilemmas of teaching the visual method of photo elicitation
Caroline Wakefield & Sal Watt

Publishing with undergraduates
James Hartley

On learning to write those **** references
James Hartley


Recent papers on teaching, learning, writing and assessment
James Hartley


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