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Psychology Teaching Review Vol 22 No 2 Winter 2016

Psychology Teaching Review Vol 22 No 2 Winter 2016

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Quick Overview

Psychology Teaching Review encourages research on teaching and learning in psychology, to serve as a vehicle for the sharing of good practice, and to improve the teaching of psychology at all levels. It carries articles on any aspects of teaching and learning in psychology, particularly those with a strong theoretical underpinning.



Guest Editorial
Caprice Lantz-Deaton

Academic papers

Facilitating study abroad for psychology students
Kenneth Abrams & Naomi Ziegler

International community-based service learning: Two comparative case studies of benefits and tensions
Jacqueline Akhurst

Internationalisation at home: Intercultural learning for social psychology students
Patricia M. Brown, Anita S. Mak & James T. Neill

Internationalising the psychology curriculum: Preliminary notes on conception and assessment of anticipated benefits
Nadia Jessop & Glenn Adams

Cross-cultural difference in academic motivation, academic self-esteem, and upward social mobility within a student cohort
C. Mugabe, P. Brug & J.C. Catling

Other contributions

Sharing ideas for teaching psychology through an international translation project
Joanna Smith & Dana Castro

Psychology Educators of Tennessee (PET): A regional learning community for psychology teachers
Kiesa Kelly, Linda Jones, Thomas M. Brinthaupt & Wendy Hart

Recent papers of interest to teachers of psychology
Matt Jarvis

Book Reviews

Persuasion: Theory and Research (3rd ed.)
By Daniel J. O'Keefe.
Reviewed by Sarah Howcett

Positive Computing: Technology for Wellbeing and Human Potential
By Rafael A. Calvo & Dorian Peters
Reviewed by Nikki Newhouse

Applied Cyberpsychology: Practical Applications of Cyberpsychological Theory and Research
Edited by Alison Attrill & Chris Fullwood
Reviewed by James Hartley


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