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Psychology Teaching Review Vol 23 No 1 2017

Psychology Teaching Review Vol 23 No 1 2017

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Quick Overview

Psychology Teaching Review encourages research on teaching and learning in psychology, to serve as a vehicle for the sharing of good practice, and to improve the teaching of psychology at all levels. It carries articles on any aspects of teaching and learning in psychology, particularly those with a strong theoretical underpinning.



Guest Editorial
Kevin Wilson-Smith

Academic papers

The nature of psychology: Reflections on university teachers' experiences of teaching sensitive topics
Julie A. Hulme & Helen J. Kitching

Teaching Sensitive Issues: Psychological literacy as an antidote to pedagogic frailty
Naomi E. Winstone & Ian M. Kinchin

Undergraduates' experience of preparedness for engaging with sensitive research topics using qualitative research
Kerri L. Simpson & Kevin Wilson-Smith

An exploration of 'scaffolded' and 'experiential' learning environment's impact upon students' experiences of a challenging level 6 topic in forensic psychology: MAPPA
Dean J. Wilkinson & Tim Jones

Taking the student to the world: Teaching sensitive issues using field trips
Fay Short & Tracey Lloyd

Teaching sensitive issues in cyberpsychology
Jacqui Taylor, John McAlaney, Sarah Muir & Terri Cole

The teaching and learning of psychological trauma - a moral dilemma
Derek Farrell & Charlotte Taylor

Practice exchange

Nicky Hayes

How can we help our students be more critical? Examining the details in questionnaire studies
James Hartley

Enhancing the psychology STEM student journey
Kimberley M. Hill

Why it is so hard for academics to write textbooks
Robert J. Sternberg

Book reviews

Essential Biological Psychology
By Jim Barnes
Reviewed by Alice Blackler

Brain & Behaviour: Revisiting the Classic Studies
Edited by Bryan Kolb & Ian Whishaw
Reviewed by Catherine Wheatley


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