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Psychology Teaching Review Vol 24 No 2 2018

Psychology Teaching Review Vol 24 No 2 2018

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Quick Overview

Psychology Teaching Review encourages research on teaching and learning in psychology, to serve as a vehicle for the sharing of good practice, and to improve the teaching of psychology at all levels. It carries articles on any aspects of teaching and learning in psychology, particularly those with a strong theoretical underpinning.



Rebecca Stack

Academic papers

Better together: Co-teaching in undergraduate applied psychology courses
Elizabeth L. Campbell, Amanda R. Reedy, Mark J. Baird & David M. Baird

Disciplining psychology education - a Foucauldian discourse analysis
Imogen Dempsey

Assessing the utility of an online adaptive learning tool in a large undergraduate psychology course
M.J. Dry, C. Due, C. Powell, A. Chur-Hansen & N.R. Burns

An evaluation of a programme of problem-based learning within a clinical psychology doctorate
Emma Griffith, Jenny Csecs & Cara Davis

Do attitudes towards statistics influence the decision to study psychology at degree level? A pilot investigation
Victoria J. Bourne & Rachel J. Nesbit

Practice exchange

Using the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IFAT) for non-assessments: Student perceptions and performance
Lynne N. Kennette & Dawn McGuckin

Making assessment promote effective learning practices: An example of ipsative assessment from the School of Psychology at UEL
P.R. Penn & I.G. Wells

'This answer is excellent: shall we give it 100%?'
John Hegarty & James Hartley

2017 BPS DARTP / PsyPAG Award for Excellence in Teaching winner

Should PhD students teach?
Sophie R. Homer


DARTP Inaugural Conference: An introduction
Helen J. Kitching & Steve Newstead

DARTP Inaugural conference abstracts

DARTP bursary winners

Statistics Anxiety Rating Scale (STARS) use in Psychology students: A review and analysis with an undergraduate sample
Rachel J. Nesbit & Victoria J. Bourne

Students in diverse environments - supporting education in prisons
Emma Palmer-Cooper

Book reviews

The New Psychology of Health - Unlocking the Social Cure
By Catherine Haslam, Jolanda Jetten, Tegan Cruwys, Genevieve A. Dingle & S. Alexander Haslam
Reviewed by Laura Allen

A Mind of Her Own: The Evolutionary Psychology of Women (2nd edn)
By Anne Campbell
Reviewed by Kate Wojcicka

Behavioural Economics (The Basics)
By Corr Phillip & Anke Plagnol
Reviewed by Adam James Priest


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