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Psychology Teaching Review Vol 25 No 1 2019

Psychology Teaching Review Vol 25 No 1 2019

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Quick Overview

Psychology Teaching Review encourages research on teaching and learning in psychology, to serve as a vehicle for the sharing of good practice, and to improve the teaching of psychology at all levels. It carries articles on any aspects of teaching and learning in psychology, particularly those with a strong theoretical underpinning.



Editorial: Introducing adaptability and transitions
Andrew J. Holliman

Academic papers

Transition and adaptability in educational and organisational contexts
Andrew J. Holliman, Julie Hulme & Kevin Wilson-Smith

Mapping the challenges in making the transition to taught postgraduate study in psychology
Sue Becker, Darren Johnson & Paul Britton

Student adaptability and achievement on a psychology conversion course
Lee Sheriston, Andrew J. Holliman & Alice Payne

Exploring the experience of students making the transition from primary school to secondary school: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the role of friendship and family support
Sally Curson, Kevin Wilson-Smith & Andrew J. Holliman

Practice exchange

Boosting prospects: Remote work experience with post-16 students
Eleanor Willard

Rethinking psychological literacy for introductory courses in pre-tertiary and higher psychology education
Paul Georg Geiss

The application of psychological theory to enrich the experience of online learners on a developmental psychology module?
Maria Zammit & Eleanor Willard

Adaptability: An important capacity to cultivate among pre-service teachers in teacher education programmes
Helena Granziera, Rebecca J. Collie & Andrew J. Martin

Emotive outdoor learning experiences in Higher Education: Personal reflections and evidence
Peter Leadbetter, Anna Bussu & Michael Richards


DARTP Inaugural conference combined abstracts and symposium

Recent papers of interest to teachers of psychology
Matt Jarvis

Book reviews

Transition In, Through and Out of Higher Education: International Case Studies and Best Practice
By Ruth Matheson, Sue Tangney & Mark Sutcliffe
Reviewed by Andrea Didier

SAGE Study Skills: The Academic Skills Handbook
By Diana Hopkins & Tom Reid
Reviewed by Rhian Worth

Letters to a New Student: Tips to Study Smarter from a Psychologist
By Gary W. Wood
Reviewed by Rebecca Johnson


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