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PsychTalk Issue 62 January 2009

PsychTalk Issue 62 January 2009

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at University.




Editorial - Helen Galliard

A Word from the Chair - Justin Walker

A Word from the Membership Liaison Officer - Jonathan Hume

Welcome from the 2008/2009 SMG Committee

The Jam

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale: Towards the efficacy-inadequacy continuum - Bhupinder Kuwar

Authenticity: 'Know yourself little girl!' - Judy Collins

An evaluation of the empirical evidence for and against the validity and usefulness of forensic hypnosis - Lisa Shaw

Challenges for the scientist-practitioner model in contemporary clinical psychology - Thomas Hugh Richardson

The over-confidence effect - a cognitive phenomenon or an experimental artefact? - Morena Lebens


The Division for Teachers and Researchers in Psychology of the British Psychological Society - Stella Williamson

Case Study - Peter Reddy, Psychology Lecturer

An interview with Jennifer Scotland, Research Assistant - Helen Galliard

Teachers and Researchers information from the British Psychological Society

A Call for Papers - Journal of European Psychology Students - Resit Kislioglu

The Random section

Conference Review: Lady and the Tramp - Karen Adams & Steven Wilson

An interview with Dr Miriam Silver, Clinical Psychologist - Helen Galliard

Website of the Month: - Helen Galliard

First steps to becoming a Clinical Psychologist - Freya Gill


Book Reviews and an interview with Dr Petra Boynton, author of The Research Companion, and more...

A-Level students

How psychology got to me - Humayra Ahmed

and finally...

Letters to the Editor


Additional Information