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PsychTalk Issue 70 September 2011

PsychTalk Issue 70 September 2011

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at university.





News round-up

Student Members Group Annual Conference report
Hatty Ingle

'Working with children is not always child's play': My experiences on placement with child and adolescent mental health services
Warren Dunger

Reports from the European Federation of Psychology Student Associations Annual Congress
Jeremy Roberts, J. Ouzia and the EFPSA UK Team

As exams finish and degrees come to an end, one heartbroken student says goodbye to the love of her life...

What have Kenny Dalglish, speed cameras and the Israeli airforce got in common?
Paul Ibbotson

Is the nature-nurture issue relevant in present day psychology?
Marie-Claire Reville

The dreaded dissertation
Helen Gadie

Implications from dual tasking research: Can we really do two things at once?
Jim Everett

Placement report: My experience as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist at Broadmoor Hospital
Cherlotte McWilliam

Theory of Mind: An evaluation of research and theories
Joanne Herrero

Student Profile: Thomas Jefferies

Writing your CV? Skills are key. Thankfully, you're doing a psychology degree

Sixty seconds with... Dr Joseph Adonu
Cordelia Sutton

Book reviews

Additional Information