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PsychTalk Issue 83 January 2016

PsychTalk Issue 83 January 2016

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at university.





Student Committee Membership - June 2015/June 2016

Healthy New Year: Why changing poor behaviour is hard and how Temporal Self-Regulation Theory can help
Rachel Evans

In pain? Take a placebo. From pain disorders to Parkinson's, the placebo effect is real and has a biochemical
Jasmin Stevenson

Mending a broken brain: Exploring factors involved in the development and rehabilitation of anorexia nervosa
Josceline Walden

Ethical issues in qualitative research: considering yourself. The importance of protecting researcher wellbeing during interviews: researchers' experience
Alice Jones

Stop promising the Earth and delivering a lemon: New Year's Resolutions -are we going about them all wrong?
Sergio A. Silverio

The hidden agenda of social networking: The ways in which our internet usage is shaping our lives
Taneesha Jones-Seale

In brief...

Wellbeing: How is it conceptualised by psychology students?
A.E. Burton, H.M Priest, H.R. Dent, R.C. Dempsey, S. Hutton & S. McGarry

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A conference unlike any other: Breaking convention: The 3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness
Steliana Yanakieva

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