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PsychTalk Issue 89 January 2018

PsychTalk Issue 89 January 2018

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Quick Overview

A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at university.




Letter from the Chair
Madeleine Pownall

Book review: The Science of Boredom: The Upside (and Downside) of Downtime by Sandi Mann
Reviewed by April Mangion

My dissertation reflection: Novel discovery of developmental influence in little known, yet widely experienced psychiatric condition
Marta Isibor

Book review: Freedom Regained: The Possibility of Free Will by Julian Baggini
Reviewed by Curtis Johnson

Blogging as a pedagogy: The award-winning 'PsychLiverpool Blog' and how it is developing a community for meaning making
Sergio A. Silverio & Alexandra Forsythe

Book review: The Dyslexia Debate by Elena Grigorenko & Julian Elliott
Reviewed by Shannon Ball

Book review: Life After Encephalitis: A Narrative Approach by Ava Easton
Reviewed by James Thomas Yeomans

Book review: Mindfulness in the Workplace edited by Margaret Chapman-Clarke
Reviewed by Emily Perry

Morbid curiosities: Why there seems to be a public fascination with the death of celebrities
Sergio A. Silverio

The researcher's guide to road safety
Lewis Docherty

Book review: Technologies of Sexiness - Sex, Identity and Consumer Culture by Adrienne Evans & Sarah Riley
Reviewed by Abbey Townend

Book review: God is Watching You: How the Fear of God Makes Us Human by Dominic Johnson
Reviewed by Mona Jones

Book review: Why We Love Music by John Powell
Reviewed by Michelle Callaghan

Book review: Schizophrenia by Kevin Silber
Reviewed by Jazz Croft

Is clinical psychology for me? My experience shadowing a clinical psychologist
Leah Millard

Book review: Youth on Religion: The Development, Negotiation and Impact of Faith and Non-faith Identity by Nicola Madge, Peter J. Hemming & Kevin Stenson
Reviewed by Yasmeen Frasso

Book review: Vital Memory and Affect by Steven D. Brown & Paula Reavey
Reviewed by Artur Cybula

Experiences of undertaking a BPS Undergraduate Research Assistantship
Tanya Schrader

Book review: Aftershock: Fighting War, Surviving Trauma & Finding Peace by Matthew Green
Reviewed by Henry Ward

A cross cultural analysis investigating sex, differences in attitudes and perceptions towards women and rape
Eilish Clare Logan


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