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Clinical Psychology Forum No 329 May 2020

Clinical Psychology Forum No 329 May 2020

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.





News - Brief history of the BPS/DCP work continuing NHS funded training for clinical psychology, including trainee salaries
Tony Lavender, Jan Hughes & Gary Latchford

DCP UK Chair’s Update
Esther Cohen-Tovee

Books R Us
Ayse Akan

Literally Anything... Once upon an ancient time. A Clinical life in doggerel rhyme
Steven Dorner


Philosopher in Italian coronavirus lockdown on how to think positively about isolation
Silvia Panizza

Covid-19 emergency: Redesigning the Department of Neuropsychology services at the NHNN
Jennifer A. Foley, Edgar Chan, Natasja Van Harskamp & Lisa Cipolotti

What's it all about?
David Smail

Skype therapy: More or less confidential than traditional therapy?
Debbie Hawker & David Hawker

Science and imagination
Dorothy Rowe

The experience of running a staff support service for critical care nurses
Jennie Ormerod, Stuart Pearson, Chloe Fisher & Rhian Hudson

Strategies which I employ in order to maintain writing productivity
Wolf Wolfensberger

Finding the new normal - Building strengths and depths to endure crises
Amra Saleem Rao & Sheelagh Rodgers

Reflections from Gold Command
Esther Cohen-Tovee

Covid-19 Resource papers

Effective therapy via video: Top tips
DCP Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee

Considerations for psychologists working with children and young people using online video platforms
DCP Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families in association with the Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee

Talking to children about illness
DCP Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families

Psychological impact of the response to the coronavirus/Covid-19 on older people
Faculty of the Psychology of Older People (FPOP)

Staying safe and well: Steps to prepare and self-care
Amra Rao

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