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DCP Scotland Review Issue 19 Spring 2019

DCP Scotland Review Issue 19 Spring 2019

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Quick Overview

Newsletter of the Division of Clinical Psychology Scotland. This issue looks at nurturing new ideas and generations.



Letters from the Editors
Edel Mc Glanaghy

DCP-Scotland - what we stand for, together

Letter from the Chair
Alison McMullan

Interview with an interesting psychologist

A leap of faith (and a lot of hard work)
Lindsey Macleod interviewed by Edel Mc Glanaghy

Clinical psychology in Scotland

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe: A Mentally Well Fringe
John Wills

Influencing policy in Scotland with the BPS
Elizabeth F.S. Hannah & Nigel Atter

'Unlocking confidence and capability to release the leader within' Part 1: Overview of the programme
Alison McMullan

'Unlocking confidence and capability to release the leader within' Part 2: Initial evaluation of the DCP Leadership development programme
Katie Banham & Christine Hamilton

DCP and BPS event reports

Responding to Trauma: Contributions from across Psychology and Seven BPS Divisions in Scotland
Janet Fraser

Research in clinical psychology: How we can contribute and why we should
Suzy Syrett, Stephanie Allan, Edel Mc Glanaghy & Jane-Louise Jackson

A summary of upcoming BPS events in early 2019
Edel Mc Glanaghy


Psychology in parliament: Maintaining a healthy democracy through improving ways of working
Lisa Cameron


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