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Developmental Forum No 91 April 2020

Developmental Forum No 91 April 2020

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Quick Overview

Forum is one of the major ways in which the Developmental Psychology Section achieves its aim to promote the advancement and diffusion of psychological knowledge concerning human development to maturity by the exchange of specialist knowledge.



A Message from the Editors
Lorna Hamilton & Amy Pearson

A Message from the Chair
Peter Mitchell

Autism and sex differences
Simon Baron-Cohen

How high quality language environments create high quality learning environments
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

The importance of awareness of our human limits: A view from cognitive psychology and beyond
Nelson Cowan

Longitudinal development of executive functions and self-regulation across infancy and toddlerhood: A slow-cooked approach to understanding individual trajectories over time
Karla Holmboe

What can developmental psychologists do to demonstrate immediate solutions for social problems?
Takayuki Sasaki

The cognitive profile and autistic characteristics associated with Sotos syndrome
Chloe Lane

Conference reports

Etch-a-Sketch Online (ESO): Bringing nuanced parent-child observation to scale
Bonamy R. Oliver & Alison Pike

Committee Members 2019-2020

Developmental Section Awards



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