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FPOP Bulletin 145 January 2019

FPOP Bulletin 145 January 2019

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.





Letter from the editor
Katharina Reichelt

Letter from the conference organisers
Anna Forrest, Kathryn Sams, Nicky Jacobi, Rebecca Poz, Sarah Robinson & Steve Davies

Letter from the Chair
Sarah Butchard

Workstream update

Motor Neurodegenerative Disorder (NDD) workstream
Jane Simpson

Dementia Workstream update
Reinhard Guss

Diversity Workstream update
Sarah Ghani

Inpatient Worksteam: From snow (ball) to sun - launching the inpatient guidance with the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI, part of the RCP)
Anne Crawford-Docherty, Kathryn Dykes, Carolien Lamers & Natasha Lord

General articles

Meeting the person beyond the medical conditions: Why it matters and how to achieve it
Zoe Harris

Fear of dementia: The relationship between mood and subjective cognitive concern
Georgina Charlesworth & Sophie FitzGerald

Formulation-based model of care in a dementia inpatient ward
Paula Maisey, Rikki Dawson, Laura Collins, Valerie Provan & Ian James

Ageing and brain injuries: The multiple relationships
Rebecca Poz

CareShare: An intergenerational programme for people with dementia and nursery children
Bob Woods, Lynwen Hamer, Catrin Hedd Jones & Nia Williams

Inspiring different conversations about dementia
Rachael Litherland

The path from individual therapy to co-production and community-based projects
Chris Allen & Isabel Li

'It reminds you really of what the job is about': Introducing narrative practices to an older adult day hospital
Daniel Blake & Polly Kaiser

Reading-based activities enable older people to reduce loneliness
Cath Burley, Natalie Frost, Debbie Hicks & Aaron Ingham

Adapted Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for a (mainly) older adult stroke population
Reg Morris

Compassionate formulation letters: A letter
Alistair Gaskell


Additional Information