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FPOP Bulletin 141 January 2018

FPOP Bulletin 141 January 2018

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.





From the Co-editors
Claire Appleton & Katharina Reichelt

From the conference organisers
Sarah Dexter-Smith, Alan Howarth, Daniel Collerton, Sarah Hopper & Ian James

From the Chair
Sarah Butchard

Workstream update

Psychological therapies/approaches
Polly Kaiser

Dementia Workstream Update
Reinhard Guss

Outstanding contributions to the faculty

Bob Woods: Our narrative of a pioneer of hope through creative ways of working with older people
Esme Moniz-Cook, Georgina Charlesworth & Lindsay Royan

Katharina Reichelt, Claire Appleton, Jane Fossey, Candy Stone & Gemma Murphy


Developing a culture of involvement in dementia services: The story of a long-term collaboration (between a person with a dementia diagnosis and a clinical psychologist)
Keith Oliver & Reinhard Guss

Do I need to know your history to recognise and relate to your personhood?
Georgina Charlesworth & Tanisha De Souza

Ordinary lives, extraordinary people: Life story work with people with dementia
Polly Kaiser

The use of transactional analysis in the assessment and treatment of Behaviours that Challenge (BtC)
Ian A. James & Roberta Caiazza

Reading Friends
Debbie Hicks & Cath Burley

Dementia-friendly communities: Creating collective stories of hope
Sue Northrop

'Human beings cannot bear much reality': Psychodynamic psychotherapy with older people and stories from later life
Claire Appleton

A life without words
Aileen Surtees

Talking about personality: Myths? Fairy tales? Our stories about older people with personality difficulties
Louise Rutter, Judi Sharifi & Laura Bell

Tree of Life Workshop for assistant psychologists working with older people: My reflections
Lucy Elias & Elizabeth Field

'Death is an awfully big adventure': Sharing stories about dying and assisted dying
Sarah Ronaghan, Celia Kitzinger & Cath Burley


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