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OP Matters No 14 February 2012

OP Matters No 14 February 2012

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Quick Overview

The newsletter, part of the Division of Occupational Psychology's Member Engagement Campaign, is a source of information about the Division, forthcoming events, and a forum for the sharing of best practice.




Robert Goate

Transformation and change: Enhancing impact in 2012
Hazel Stevenson

Letter from the Chair
Alan Redman

The DOP Conference 2012: A jewel at the Crowne
Binna Kandola

Hidden talent in the workforce: The conundrum of managing dyslexia
Nancy Doyle & Cheryl Issacs

Risk types
Geoff Trickey

The challenge: Get real about human risks at work and about the 2013 safety negotiation in the EU
Kieran Duignan

Work-life balance: What about diversity and difference?
Gail Kinman & Almuth McDowall

Ministry of Defence Occupational Psychology community gathering
Liz Moon & Nishma Patel

Conference review I: European Association of Work & Organizational Psychology 2011
Helen Baron

Conference review II: North East of England Branch 4th Annual Conference: Work, life, happiness, deviance - Linking occupational and forensic psychology
Angie Ingman

How to find an occupational psychologist abroad
Anna Brockhurst & Helen Baron

Some thoughts from my log pile
Roger Miles

Going Green Working Group
Anna Kane


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