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West Midlands Branch Newsletter Issue 9 Autumn 2018

West Midlands Branch Newsletter Issue 9 Autumn 2018

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Quick Overview

The newsletter of the Society's West Midlands Branch.




Comments from the Chair and Editor
Martin Turner

Meet the West Midlands Branch committee

Committee biographies

First BPS Midlands Conference


    Keynote address: Don't believe in everything you think
    Richard Bennett

    Keynote address: The co-construction of obesity, diets and dieting goals in research interviews with men attempting to lose weight
    Sarah Seymour-Smith

    5-minute oral challenge: The impact of social identities and social identity leadership on resilience within the Royal Air Force
    Craig White

    5-minute oral challenge: The Family Courts and victims of intimate partner abuse: Experiences and perceived impact of special measures
    Lois Donnelly

    5-minute oral challenge: Exploring the experience of men who undergo hormone treatment (androgen deprivation therapy) for prostate cancer
    Marya Mobeen

    The Society Review
    Judith Tolland & Liam Gallagher

    Poster presentations

    Oral presentations

    Other conference reports

      Annual BPS Conference
      Philippa Carr

      33rd Annual PsyPAG Conference
      Sarah Lloyd

      The British Psychological Society West Midlands Branch Bursaries

      Newsletter Submission Guidelines


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