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DCP Scotland Review Issue 14 Summer 2016

DCP Scotland Review Issue 14 Summer 2016

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Quick Overview

Newsletter of the Division of Clinical Psychology Scotland. This issue focuses on clinical psychology at the University of Edinburgh.



Letter from the Editor
Simon Stuart

Letter from the Chair Elect
Alison McMullan

NES and DCP-Scotland - moving forward together
Judy Thomson

Stepping up: Implementing psychological therapies and interventions in adult and older-adult mental health services
Anne Joice & Laura Freeman

Rising to meet the challenge: the vital role of NES in training the applied psychologists of the future
Neil Millar & Gavin Richardson

Big ambitions, small timescales: Developing training for the multidisciplinary CAMHS workforce
Fiona Calder, Suzy O'Connor, Maria Dale & Joy Nisbet

Strengthening the connections: Psychological interventions and physical health
Ross Shearer & Marie Claire Shankland

Making sense in partnership: The development, implementation and evaluation of training to address medically unexplained symptoms within primary care
Deirdre Holly & David Craig

The hospital passport coping kit: An evaluation of a novel resource to promote healthcare staff's use of psychological strategies for managing procedural distress in children
Janie Donnan, Jason Wright, Judith McCluskey, Avril Smith & Karen McKenzie

Autism training matters: Optimising outcomes within Scotland
Janine Robinson, Gail Milroy & Marie Claire Shankland

Developing generic supervision competences for supervisors of psychological therapy: a new blended approach to training
Sandra Ferguson

On outcomes: What matters, and to whom?
Jude Clarke


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