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International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 4 No 1 March 2009

International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 4 No 1 March 2009

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Quick Overview

The review is an international publication with a focus on the theory, practice and research in the field of coaching psychology. This special issue in on Coaching and Leadership, bringing together papers from authors of note around the world. It represents one of the strongest collections of papers on leadership coaching available in the literature.




Editorial: Leadership coaching in a challenging world - Growing with our clients
Michael Cavanagh & Stephen Palmer

Guest Editorial: Coaching and Leadership: Practice, perspectives and directions from the field
Travis J. Kemp

Academic articles

Coaching on the Dark Side
Eric Nelson & Robert Hogan

Expert opinion: Executive Coaching: A real world perspective from a real-life coaching practitioner
Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership coaching transforming mental health systems from the inside out: The Collaborative Recovery Model as person-centred strengths based coaching psychology
Lindsey G. Oades, Trevor P. Crowe & Melanie Nguyen

Strengths coaching with leaders
P. Alex Linley, Linda Woolston & Robert Biswas-Diener

Using attachment theory in coaching leaders: The search for a coherent narrative
David B. Drake

Coaching from the inside: Building an internal group of emotionally intelligent coaches
Annie McKee, Felice Tilin & Delores Mason

Behind the scenes in the Identity Laboratory: Participants' narratives of identity transition through group coaching in a leadership development programme
Elizabeth Florent-Treacy

Linking MBA learning and leadership coaching
Barbara Wood & Sandy Gordon

Is coaching an evolved form of leadership? Building a transdisciplinary framework for exploring the coaching alliance
Travis J. Kemp

Book Review
Travis J. Kemp

SGCP & IGCP Update

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