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NE Branch Bulletin No 3 Spring 2016

NE Branch Bulletin No 3 Spring 2016

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Quick Overview

The newsletter of the Society's North East Branch.




Message from the Chair
Julie Freeborn

Note from the Editor
Jake Empson

Individual contributions

Using partnership working to develop an academic writing tool for undergraduate students: The SALT project
Luke Kennedy, Holly Shahverdi, Nadine Spence & Sue Becker

Intelligence over the life span: Are young people really brighter than their parents?
Simon Whitaker

Does personalised social care meet the needs of adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities?
Lorna Hamilton & Sue Mesa

Historical origins of the material mind: An enduring dilemma for psychology
Thomas L. Wilson

Reports from Conference and Meetings

Update on Student Psychology Societies
Laura Oxley

'Psychology in the Pub' :
North East Branch Annual Conference
Jake Empson

Poster abstracts from the North East Branch Annual Conference
Jake Empson

Letters to the Editor

'Walkthetalk' march
Stephen Weatherhead


Additional Information