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NE Branch Newsletter No 10 Spring 2014

NE Branch Newsletter No 10 Spring 2014

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Quick Overview

The newsletter of the Society's North East Branch. This issue concentrates on the Annual Conference 2013 at Harrogate.




Editorial Note
Anne Sheppard & Jake Empson

Planning for parenthood during economic uncertainty
Amy Campbell

Dual Diagnosis: An understanding
Vanessa Melton

Perceptions of superiority in elite and county football referees' comparisons of themselves with their colleagues
Melissa Anderson & Sandy Wolfson

Looked after Children in Northern Ireland: Education, school and unauthorised absence - a service providers perspective
Emma O'Neill, Dr Tony Cassidy & Dr Una O'Connor Bones

Should neuroscience be putting psychology out in the cold?
Renée Bleau

Psychology in Education Research Centre (PERC) at the University of York
Rob Klassen

Psychopathology and parental alienation
Sue Whitcombe

The CALM Programme: Should it be implemented in women's forensic services?
Katherine Crosby & Lauren Baldwin

How to give birth to a genius
Rebecca Chan & Simon Whitaker

Qualitative Methods in Psychology (QMIP) Section Conference 2013: 'Making a difference, making ourselves known': A review of the conference
Roxane L. Gervais

Division of Health Psychology (DHP) Conference
Jacqui Akhurst


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