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OP Matters No 32 December 2016

OP Matters No 32 December 2016

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Quick Overview

A Division of Occupational Psychology publication examining issues in the occupational psychology community. This issue is a special DOP 2016 Annual Conference edition.



Robert Goate

Letter from the Chair
Roxane Gervais

New Developments: Introducing The Work-Life Balance Bulletin - A DOP Publication
Roxane L. Gervais

Work-Life Balance: A global perspective - Work-life balance in South African research: Patterns in progress
Antoni Barnard & Eileen Koekemoer

Supporting employee health by supporting their family life
Kristen S. Jennings

Gen Y research emphasises work-life balance
Carina Paine Schofield & Sue Honoré

Updates: New Standards for a Stage 2 Qualification in Occupational Psychology
Almuth McDowall & Georgina Wong

Qualification in Occupational Psychology Board
Angie Ingman

Q & A with Bethan Law - Qualifications Officer, BPS
Interviewer: Angie Ingman

Views and Opinions: Senior executives' feelings during crisis situations: A pilot study with suggestions for possible further investigations
Chris Ridgeway

Teaching mindfulness: Should you or shouldn't you?
Julie Freeborn

Integrating refugees in the workplace: Multiple perspectives
Ritsa Fotinatos-Ventouratos

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Still going strong and still getting it wrong
Carl Carter

Ethics and integrity: Bad apple vs bad barrel?
Mary-Clare Race & Iain Smith

Working group updates: Going Green Working Group - 'Behaviour change in action' Conference 19 September 2016
Jan Maskell

Working group updates: An update from the Neurodiversity and Employment Working Group
David Russell and Chris Rossiter

Learning a Living: Work-life Balance in 2016
Gail Kinman & Christine Grant


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