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OP Matters No 34 June 2017

OP Matters No 34 June 2017

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Quick Overview

A Division of Occupational Psychology publication examining issues in the occupational psychology community. This issue is a special DOP 2017 Annual Conference edition.



Robert Goate

Message from the Chair
Julie Freeborn

Innovations in evidence-based practice - Research into practice: A two-way street
Jo Traves, Neil Thomson & Michaela Greenwood

Innovations in evidence-based practice - Making evidence accessible and collaboration standard practice through an online knowledge hub
Rachel Lewis, Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Jo Yarker & Kate Godfree

Perceptions of change, leadership and working culture: Findings from a survey of DCP Scotland members
Serena Murphy, Linda O'Donnell & Vicki Carss

An occupational psychologist in Parliament
Chris Rossiter

I want a job as a consultant: Skills and behaviours needed to work as a consultant occupational psychologist
David Biggs

Fame in psychology: The most important psychologist
Adrian Furnham

Interview with Gail Kinman, DOP Conference January 2017
Carly Telford

Qualifications Board Update
Angie Ingman

To-get-her: A collective, inclusive approach needed for true gender equality
Iain Smith

The impact of psychological wellbeing on physical health, illness and work behaviour: What do we know?
Edward Walker

WorkLab in Greece
Helen Baron, Angela Carter & Diana Rus

Division of Occupational Psychology Youth Employment Working Group
Beth McManus, Francesca Fisher & Angela Carter

Obituaries - Zander Wedderburn, Allan Williams and John Barker


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