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QMiP Bulletin Issue 17 Spring 2014

QMiP Bulletin Issue 17 Spring 2014

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Quick Overview

The Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section Bulletin comes out twice a year and includes forthcoming events, reviews of conferences of interest to qualitative psychologists, stories of new initiatives for raising the profile of qualitative methods, research reports, book reviews and more. This issue is a Special Issue on the place of qualitative methods in mixed methods research.




Editorial: The place of qualitative methods in mixed methods research
Nollaig Frost & Rachel Shaw

Message from the Chair
Rachel Shaw

Peer-reviewed Articles

Re-examining the epistemological foundations of quantitative psychology: Pluralism, not positivism
Oliver Robinson

Real world research: Epistemology matters
Jeff Matthews

More than just a method: Doctoral students' perspectives on the place of qualitatively driven mixed methods
Frauke Elichaoff, Deborah Rodriguez & Anthony Murphy

Layering the wounded self: Using a pluralistic qualitative approach to explore meaning-making around self-injury
Daphne Josselin & Carla Willig

Methodological pluralism in qualitative research: Reflections on a meta-study
Jemima Barnes, Nick Caddick, Nicola J. Clarke, John Cromby, Hilary McDermott, Martin E.H. Willis & Gareth Wiltshire

Conversational science for qualitative and quantitative investigators: A personal journey
Laurie F. Thomas

Qualitative inquiry, mixed methods and the logic of scientific inquiry
David Hiles

Dialectical Pluralism: A metaparadigm and process philosophy for 'dynamically combining' important differences
Burke Johnson & Tres Stefurak

Book Review

  • Doing Visual Ethnograpy (3rd ed.)
    Sarah Pink (2013)
    Reviewed by Frauke Elichaoff

Response Papers

Moving away from the paradigm wars - reflecting on the contributions from Elichaoff et al. and Barnes et al.
Marta Wanat

Mixed methods research: Reflections, implications and applications
Gemma Heath


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