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Sport & Exercise Psychology Review Vol 2 No 1 February 2006

Sport & Exercise Psychology Review Vol 2 No 1 February 2006

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of Sport & Exercise Psychology.




David Lavallee

Coaching life skills: A working model
Daniel Gould, Karen Collins, Larry Lauer & Yongchul Chung

Group versus individual approach? A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of interventions to promote physical activity
Shauna M. Burke, Albert V. Carron, Mark A. Eys, Nikos Ntoumanis, & Paul A. Estabrooks

Coming of age in sport psychology
Graham Walker, John Kremer & Aidan P. Moran

John Arnold
David E. Conroy
Lew Hardy

Research Note
The role of mirror system in the rehabilitation process of elite performers (Calvo-Merino et al. 2005, Cerebral Cortex).

Irina Roncaglia

Student Members
Researching basic psychological needs: The need to be interactive as a research student

Jemma Harris

Book Reviews
Review of Imagery in Sport
Aidan Moran & Tadhg MacIntyre

Review of Existential Psychology and Sport: Theory and Application
Kirk J. Schneider

Conference Reports
The International Society of Sport Psychology conference, Sydney, August 15-19, 2005

Susan Backhouse

Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology conference, Vancouver, October 24-30, 2005
Kate Goodger

Bulletin Board

Strategic Plan
Barry Cripps

Additional Information