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The Psychologist Vol 24 No 11 November 2011

The Psychologist Vol 24 No 11 November 2011

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This month's cover feature is a typically engaging and timely contribution from our staff journalist and Research Digest editor Dr Christian Jarrett. But it's the article from Roz Shafran, winner of the Society's Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology, that I would like to direct your attention to.

Writing on 'the appliance of science', Shafran cites others who call for not just evidence-based practice, but practice-based evidence too. Bridging the academic/practitioner divide has always been a goal of the Society and The Psychologist, and I would love to hear how our members ensure that research has the desired impact on the ground. Has evidence-based practice reached all corners of the discipline? I feel there could be an article, special issue or even a regular feature in The Psychologist on this topic, so do get in touch on [email protected] And as we near the end of another volume, remember that I welcome your comments on this year's issues of The Psychologist, to continue our own evidence-based practice!

(Dr Jon Sutton,  Editor)


The lure of horror    
Christian 'Jeepers' Jarrett with a Halloween Special

The appliance of science   
Society award winner Roz Shafran looks at implementation science

Until death do us part   
Louise Dixon and Nicola Graham-Kevan on preventing intimate partner homicide

Thoughts on suppression   
James Erskine and George Georgiou with some surprising effects

So you want to do (free) research?
Simon Knight offers some handy tips and resources for austere times

Broadcasting brain stories   
Geoff Bunn talks about writing and presenting a history of the brain

What the BPS is, and isn't; helping applied psychology bloom; strategy and rioting; Anders Breivik; cameras in court; digital tourists; null results; and more

News and digest  
Memory bus; the homeless; Ig Nobels; event reports; Digest nuggets and more

The surprising status of psychology in the French media, with Lucy Maddox

Business, technology and dangers of an ignorance of modern psychology; undergraduates contribute to research; all the latest jobs; how to advertise

New voices

The zoo of the new: Andrew P. Allen looks at organisational innovation in universities

Looking back  
Robert S. Gable on how he and his brother invented electronic monitoring, but with an early emphasis on positive reinforcement

One on one 
...with Adrian Furnham

Book reviews
The empathic brain; the madness of women; rethinking school bullying; psychology in social contexts

President's column; EuroPsy; Spearman Medal; guidance on electronic health records; consultation responses; public engagement awards; and more

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