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Clinical Psychology Forum No 318 June 2019

Clinical Psychology Forum No 318 June 2019

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements. This is a short stories special issue.






DCP UK Chair's Update
Esther Cohen-Tovée

Book Review - Why We Sleep: The new science of sleep and dreams
Matthew Walker
Reviewed by Ruth Armstrong

Short stories special issue

Dorothy Rowe (17 December 1930-25 March 2019)
Craig Newnes

You gave me so much more than words
Sue Saltmore

My arm
Annette Goodall

Challenging your own stereotyped views and perceived stigma when you're suddenly thrown into taking on the role of the 'diagnosed'
Leanne Race

Jillian Geary

Julie Alderson

Those leaflets
Nadine Mirza

Anita Gayton

Father and father out
David Fryer

Counselling and psychotherapy: Hierarchies and bad medicine
Cemil Egeli

Penny Priest

Generations at the cinema
Ged Smith

Local activism: Change through rebellion and insurrection or collaboration and co-production?
Lyn Mahboub

A 'good' woman
Sidrah Muntaha

A suggested redefinition of clinical psychology
Emma Santhouse

Smooth creases
Amita Sarkar

Joe Grace

My last guru
Dorothy Rowe

Bad science: The Minnesota study of twins reared apart (MISTRA)
Jay Joseph

Living with a chronic psychologist
A.J. Walker

TV series review: Sex Education
Meltem Osman

The passing
Paul Spencer

Across the tablecloth
Khadj Rouf

The stream of consciousness
Richard Hallam

Peeling and healing
Charlotte Mckeating-Jones

Love and hubris
Craig Newnes

Psychic incarceration
John Herbert

Amateur musical theatre: A few thoughts from the wings
Graham Whalan

Felix Q


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