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Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Issue 12: Spring 2011

Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Issue 12: Spring 2011

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Quick Overview

Consciousness and Experiential Psychology is circulated to members of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section. Topics addressed include:

  • Consciousness Studies: conceptual and methodological issues, biological bases of consciousness, conscious and unconscious processes, evolution of consciousness, evaluation of phenomenological accounts;

  • Phenomenological Psychology: subjective experience, self-exploration, creativity, intuition, flow, peak experiences, exceptional experience, altered states;

  • Positive and Transformational Psychology: psychology of well-being, developing wisdom, joy, psychological health, personal development, change processes, evaluation of spiritual practice;

  • and Cultural and Ecological Perspectives: psychology of belief and value systems, philosophies of life and their psychological consequences, indigenous psychologies, changing values, cross-cultural perspectives, ecopsychology.




The Nocebo Effect: Suggestion a Catalyst, Knowledge an Antidote
Emma Crofton

Word Play: Understanding Consciousness though Language
Oliver Lindon


10th CEP Conference: Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self

CEP 2008 Day Conference: Conscious Intention, Agency and Free Will

Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence
Daryl J. Bem 


The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness
Max Velmans and Susan Schneider

Ten Zen Questions
Susan Blackmore

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