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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 21 No 1 February 2006

Counselling Psychology Review Vol 21 No 1 February 2006

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Quick Overview

Special Edition: The First 10 Years



Guest Editorial
Yvonne Walsh & Alan Frankland

A journey from infancy to adulthood: The story of Counselling Psychology
Ray Woolfe

A long time in (counselling) psychology: Memoirs of a BPS junkie
Ray Miller

Reflections on the past: Thoughts about the future...
Martin Milton

My memories of the start of Counselling Psychology in Britain
Emmy van Deurzen

Counselling Psychology: Its influences and future
David A. Lane & Sarah Corrie
A brief reflection on Counselling Psychology
Robert Bor

Thoughts on becoming, being and developing as a Counselling Psychologist
Sheelagh Strawbridge

The fabric of a counselling psychologist
Carol Shillito-Clarke

What! Life after Counselling Psychology: Isn't retirement the end of the affair?
Carol Shillito-Clarke & Margaret Tholstrup

Newsletter Section
Letters to the Editor

Talking Point: The Bane Identity
Jane Benanti

NHS National Assessors Training Event
Christine Grant & Simon Gelsthorpe

Training Course News Update

Trainee Column

Networking Contacts

Additional Information