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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 22 No 4 November 2007

Counselling Psychology Review  Vol 22 No 4 November 2007

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of counselling psychology.



Heather Sequeira

Chair's Notes
Malcolm Cross

Tread softly: Counselling psychology and neuroscience
Rosemary Rizq

Socratic questioning in psychotherapy: A history of crossed purposes
Timothy A. Carey & Richard J. Mullan

The cost of individualism
Michelle Thatcher & Ken Manktelow

Testing times: Counselling psychology and the neuropsychological perspective. A personal view
Hamilton Fairfax

Personal development groups in counselling psychology training: The case for further research
Victoria Galbraith & Nicola M. Hart

Practitioner's perspectives of multicultural sensitivity
Christina Vallianatou, Gerard Leavey & Jennifer Brown

Newsletter Section

Talking Point: The Lonely Planet Guide to trainee setbacks on the road to qualification
Zara Benamor

Training Course News Update
Jacqui Marson

Top tips for Psychological Therapists working in private practice
Howden Professionals

Chief Examiner's Report for the 2007 Assessments for the Society's Qualification in Counselling Psychology
Barbara Douglas

First joint training workshop between the Society's Divisions of Clinical and Counselling Psycology
Rachel Tribe

DVD Review
Kendra Gilbert

Letters to the Editor

Trainee Column
Jeremy Rowe

Networking Contacts

Additional Information