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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 23 No 4 November 2008

Counselling Psychology Review  Vol 23 No 4 November 2008

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Quick Overview

Six peer reviewed papers on counselling psychology issues, including perceptual control theory, a case study of a client with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from a psychodynamic framework, a debate surrounding the NICE guidelines and Government priorities that have emanated from these, and personal therapy.




Chair's Notes - Malcolm Cross

Conflict, as the Achilles heel of perceptual control, offers a unifying approach to the formulation of psychological problems
Timothy A. Carey

Psychodynamic conceptualisation of obsessive thinking: An illustrative case study
Antonietta DiCaccavo

'CBT or Not CBT', is that really the question? Re-considering the evidence base - the contribution of process research
Hamilton Fairfax

Counselling Psychologists' experiences of work stress
Eleni Papadomarkaki & Yvette Lewis

Should we be doing more to reduce stigma?
Victoria E. Galbraith & Niall D. Galbraith

Counselling Psychology training: Implications for 'Self'
Yvette Lewis

Mandatory personal therapy during Counselling Psychology training
Jane Simms

Launching IndEx. Step back from everyday practice and think about what matters to you and the field of practice in which you work

What do we do about personal development? PD training in Counselling Psychology programmes
Naomi Moller, Katrina Alilovic & Neha Mundra

Chief Assessor's Report for the 2008 Assessments for the Society's Qualification in Counselling Psychology
Paul Hitchings

Book Review


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