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Occasional Papers in Supervision

Occasional Papers in Supervision

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Quick Overview

In 2007 the Division of Counselling Psychology published its own Guidelines for Supervision. In the consultation phase of preparing the guidelines the editors received some thought-provoking questions about the nature and value of supervision, and it was decided to invite a number of practitioners to develop their ideas and thoughts about supervision. The editors hope that the papers published here will provide both stimulation, and a sound foundation for future discussions into the nature and role of supervision/consultative support.




Carol Shillilto-Clarke & Margaret Tholstrup

Supervision: Who needs it and for what purposes?
Ralph Goldstein

Counselling Psychology and Supervision
Paul Hitchings

Supervision, Creativity and Transformational Learning
Michael Carroll

Seeing in the Dark or Writing as Lighting
Miller Mair with Heather Dudley

'The Influence of the Invisible Client': A crucial perspective for understanding counselling supervision in organisational contexts
John Towler

Group supervision in crisis management organisations
Pilar González-Doupé

Relationships between Supervision and Management: Challenges and rewards in practice
Nicola K. Gale & Katrina Alilovic

Expectations of Supervision: Everything to Everyone? ... or 'Nothing to No-One'?
Martin Milton


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