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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 36 No 2 June 2019: School belonging

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 36 No 2 June 2019: School belonging

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses on school belonging.




About the contributors

Guest Editorial: School Belonging - Why are our students longing to belong to school?
Sue Roffey, Christopher Boyle & Kelly-Ann Allen

'School for Everyone': An exploration of children and young people's perceptions of belonging
Tara Midgen, Theodora Theodoratou, Kirsty Newbury & Matt Leonard

Pupils attending a shared placement between a school and alternative provision: Is a sense of school belonging the key to success?
Tim Cockerill

A narrative exploration of the impact of belonging on the educational experiences of teenage fathers
Sarah Whiteway

Understanding the relationship between youths' belonging and bullying behaviour: An SEM Model
Christopher D. Slaten, Chad A. Rose & Jonathan K. Ferguson

Peer-peer relationships: A key factor in enhancing school connectedness and belonging
Annie Gowing

Social and emotional learning: From individual skills to class cohesion
Brenda Dobia, Roberto H. Parada, Sue Roffey & Madelaine Smith

Understanding the connection between youths' belonging, resilience and self-regulatory learning
Christopher D. Slaten, Chad A. Rose, Zachary M. Elison & Ming Ming Chui

Assessing perceived school support, rule acceptance and attachment: Evaluation of the psychometric properties of the School Belonging Scale (SBS)
Roberto H. Parada



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