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Assessment & Development Matters Vol 4 No 1 Spring 2012

Assessment & Development Matters Vol 4 No 1 Spring 2012

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Quick Overview

Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) is published by the Psychological Testing Centre. Its readership is entrants on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) holding the Society's qualifications in educational or occupational testing. It focuses on assessment and development in the educational and occupational fields, and aims to deliver the latest information on testing matters.




Jan Bogg

Understanding and measuring risk type
Geoff Trickey

Maximising the return from development centres: Predicting subsequent development activity through personality impact and cognitive ability tests
Stephen McGlynn

Have we reached the tipping point for strength-based approaches to organisational challenges?
Sarah Lewis

Do managers need to be open-minded?
Hugh McCredie

From the Journals to Your Practice
Jan Bogg

Literacy and reading - what works, and the role of the psychologist
Jean Campbell, Nancy Ferguson & Martin Gemmell

Developing secure attachment through the use of video interaction guidance
Anita Harrison, Hilary Kennedy & Penny Rackett

Achievement for All: An effective pathway for teacher development
Sonia Blandford

Can you save time when testing - what's minute here or there?
Richard Pierson

Guidelines for practitioner-based research studies

ADM submission guidelines

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