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NE Branch Bulletin No 9 Spring 2019

NE Branch Bulletin No 9 Spring 2019

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Quick Overview

The newsletter of the Society's North East Branch.




Message from the Chair
Melanie Dawn Douglass

A note from the Editor(s)
Jake Empson

Reports from events and conferences

Report on Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP) Conference, June 2018
Melanie Dawn Douglass

Imposters and Empowerment: Reflections on the Liverpool Aspiring Psychologist Conference
Jennifer Bradbury, Laura Collins, Alaw Eldrige, Elenya Harston, Benjamin Kwapong & Ella Tomasine Perry

Individual contributions

Language abilities, cognitive flexibility and creativity in dual identities: How acculturation strategies affect cognitive functions
Gyulten Hussein, Ayça Kurtuluş, Tuğçe Yurtsever & Müjde Peker

Identification, development and maintenance of personal agency in young women and girls identified as having an increased likelihood of contact with the Criminal Justice System: A progress update
Claire Vilarrubi

Impulsivity and difficulties in managing emotions in self-harming young adults
Lydia Braham

Book review

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams
Matthew Walker Reviewed by: Jake Empson


Additional Information